1Advanced fire fightingAFF-A3
2Advanced fire fightingAFF-I7
3Automatic Identification SystemsAIS1
4Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency TrainingBOSIET21h5m
5Basic safety trainingBST10
5.1Personal survival techniquesBST-PST2
5.2Basic fire- prevention and fire- fightingBST-BFF3
5.3Medical first aidBST-EFA3
5.4Personal safety and social responsibilities on board the shipBST-PSSR2
6Bridge Team and Resource Management course for areas of Venice and Messina StraitBTRM/VMS3
7Bridge Team and Resource Management – Refresher CourseBTRM-A3
8Bridge Team and Resource Management – Basic CourseBTRM-I5
9Mandatory minimum requirements for the training and qualifications of personnel on board Ro- Ro passenger vessels and passenger vessels other than Ro-Ro’sCBP4
10Vocational qualification for ordinary seamanCCMAR73
11Vocational qualification course for motormanCCMOT90
12Crisis Management CourseCMC3
13Class “A” pleasure boat coxswain – TrainingCPCCAA-A4
14Class “B” pleasure boat coxswain – TrainingCPCCAA-B3
15Upgrading to Motorboat coxswainCPCSM10
16Maritime helmsman – Upgrading courseCPCTM7
17Training for trainersCPFF10
18Chief Mate for vessels exceeding 3000 GRT – Upgrading to management levelCPOPS5
19Chief electrician maritime officer – Upgrading to management levelCPSELM15
20STCW certification exam – simulationCPUPT-B3
21Motorman – Certificate RevalidationCRCCM3
22Maritime helmsman – Certificate RevalidationCRCCTM3
23Crew Resource ManagementCRM2.5
24Certificate of Competency Revalidation, Deck Officer Management LevelCRMNG5
25Certificate of Competency Revalidation, Deck Officer Operational LevelCROP5
26Ship Electrician – SpecializationCSAEB15
27Maritime-harbour master – SpecializationCSCMP8
28Fitter- SpecializationCSFT18
29Electronic engineers on board ships, less watchkeeping service- SpecializationCSIE7
30Company Security OfficerCSO5
31GMDSS Coast Station Operator’s CertificateCSOC8
32Maritime-harbour electrician officer – SpecializationCSOEMP15
33Pumpman – SpecializationCSP7
34Maritime apprentice pilot – SpecializationCSPMA10
35Maritime apprentice pilot for Danube- Black Sea Canal – SpecializationCSPMA-CDMN5
36Maritime-harbour chief engineer – SpecializationCSSMMP15
37Confined space entryCST1
38Draft Survey Inspector- SpecializationDSIC7
39Electronic chart display and information systemECDIS3
40Operotional use of electronic chart display and information sistemECDIS-I5
41Engine Room Simulator – RefresherENG- R.S. A3
42Engine Room Simulator – BasicENG- R.S. I5
43Engine Team and Resource Management – RefresherETRM- A3
44Engine Team and Resource Management – BasicETRM- I5
45Familiarization with the requirements of ISM Code, QMS/ISO 9001:2000 and EMS/ISO 14001:2004F_ISM & ISO2
46Further Offshore Emergency TrainingFOET8h10m
47Fire Prevention and Rescue for Oil Drilling Off-Shore UnitsFPROD7
48Familiarization safety trainingFSTRC4
48.1Marine pollution caused by ships- prevention and responseFSTRC-MPSPR2
48.2Transport and handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoesFSTRC-THDHHC2
49Gas Free & Hot-work Inspector- SpecializationGFIC4
50General operator’s certificate for GMDSS (GMDSS – GOC)GMDSS-GOC I18
51Restricted operator’s certificate for GMDSS (GMDSS-ROC)GMDSS-ROC5
52Hygiene course for catering personnelHCCP3
53Helicopter Underwater Escape TrainingHUET6h50m
54I.S.M. Code – Internal Auditor levelI.S.M.5
55Ice Navigation in the Baltic Sea- Bazic levelINBS – I4
56Knowledge and Operation of Container ShipsKOCS5
57Liquid cargo handling simulator – Basic levelLCHS5
58Liquid cargo handling simulator- Advanced levelLCHS-I2
59“Build-up your English”- Specialization programme for harbour operations, inspections, shipbuilding and ship repair – Advanced levelLE-PSCRN-A8
60“Build-up your English”- Specialization programme for harbour operations, inspections, shipbuilding and ship repair – Intermediary levelLE-PSCRN-I12
61“Build-up your English”- Specialization programme for harbour operations, inspections, shipbuilding and ship repair – Pre-intermediary levelLE-PSCRN-PI12
62LRC – “Long Range Certificate”LRC7
63Medical careMC-A3
64Medical careMC-I6
65Maritime English- DeckME-D-A2
66Maritime English – DeckME-D-I4
67Maritime English- EngineME-E-A2
68Maritime English – EngineME-E-I4
69Maritime English. Phrase vocabulary deckMELTD4
70Maritime English. Phrase vocabulary engineMELTE4
71Medical first aidMFA-A2
72Medical first aidMFA-I4
73Marlins Test & Test of spoken EnglishMT-TOSE2h 20′
74Marine refrigerating systems/ reefer containersPCRC10
75Dangerous cargoes shipping, handling and transport – FamiliarizationPFEMTMP4
76Cargo tally survey inspector – TrainingPFI-CTS5
77Proficiency in fast rescue boatsPFRB4
78Port facility security officerPFSO5
79Chief Engineer – Upgrading to management levelPPEBOM-NM15
80Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) trainingPP-H2S1
81Prevention of pollution of the marine environment – Marpol 73/78PPME-A2
82Prevention of pollution of the marine environment – Marpol 73/78PPME-I4
83Maritime pilot I/ II for the sector starting from Sulina roads to Km.175 – Certificates of Competency RevalidationPPM-R4
84Class “B” pleasure boat coxswain – SpecializationPSCAA5
85Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats, other than fast rescue boatsPSCRB-A2
86Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats, other than fast rescue boatsPSCRB-I4
87Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats, other than fast rescue boatsPSCRB-N2
88Maritime-harbour apprentice pilot for the Sulina roads – Km.175 sector – SpecializationPSPMA6
89Personal safety and social responsibilities on board of shipsPSSRBS-A2
90Personal safety and social responsibilities on board the shipPSSRBS-I4
91Personal survival techniquesPST-A1
92Personal survival techniquesPST-I2
93French language test for personnel in the field of naval transportPTC-LFM2 h
94Revalidation of General operator’s certificate for GMDSS (GMDSS – GOC)R GMDSS GOC5
95Risc assessment in ship operationsRASO1
96Certificate of Competency Revalidation, Engineer Officer Management LevelRBOMNM10
97Maritime pilots I/ II for the Danube- Black Sea Canal – Certificates of Competency RevalidationRBPM-CDMN3
98Maritime pilots I/ II for the ports of Constanta, Mangalia, Midia – Certificates of Competency RevalidationRBPM-CMM3
99Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search&Rescue – Management LevelRBTSRM-A3
100Radar navigation, radar plotting and use of ARPA radar – Operational levelRNPO-A3
101Radar navigation, radar plotting and use of ARPA radar – Basic – Operational levelRNPO-I5
102Certificate of Competency Revalidation, Engineer Officer Operational LevelROM-NOP10
103Reefer troubleshootingRTS3
104Sail Craft ManoeuvreSCM4
105Marine power systems for medium voltageSENMIT5
106Safety Equipment and Protection of Personnel on Board Oil TankersSEPPBT4
107Ship Handling and Manoeuvring SimulationSHMS5
108Ship Handling, Manoeuvring Simulation & bridge teamwork revalidationSHMS-R3
109Ship Safety OfficerSO3
110Specialization for personnel on board intervention and salvage vesselsSPNIS5
111Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome – TrainingSRAS1
112Ship security awarenessSSA1
113Ship security officerSSO-A1
114Ship security officerSSO-I3
115Ship Steam PropulsionSSP7
116Specialized training for chemical tankersSTCT-A3
117Specialized training for chemical tankersSTCT-I7
118Specialized training for liquefied gas tankersSTLGT-A3
119Specialized training for liquefied gas tankersSTLGT-I7
120Specialized training for oil tankersSTOT-A4
121Specialized training for oil tankersSTOT-I10
122Analysis, decision and communication methods and techniquesTAMDC4
123Training for blast cleaner-painterTBC-P4
124Training course for instructorsTC-I7
125Tanker familiarizationTF-A5
126Tanker familiarizationTF-I7
127Transport and handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoesTHDHHC-A2
128Transport and handling of dangerous, hazardous and harmful cargoesTHDHHC-I4
129Transport and Handling of Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes according with U.S.Code of Federal Regulations – SpecializationTHDHHC-US2
130Tanker management and self assessmentTMSA3
131Use of portable gas detection instruments O2,HC, toxic gases – training programmeUPGDI-TP1
132VTS Basic TrainingVTSBT15
133Watchkeeping Duties on the Bridge (Rating Forming Part of Navigational Watch Course)WDB-R3
134Watchkeeping Duties in the Engine RoomWDER4